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Hedef Arms Industry Trade Limited Company, which was established in Konya / Bey┼čehir district in 2005, has taken its place among the leading companies of the arms industry in a short time. With our wide product range and today's modern technologies, we bring together the best craftsmanship and process quality materials to reveal our products.

All of our products are checked and tested before they are shipped, in order to guarantee our quality and safety.

On the way we set out to contribute to the hunting sport throughout the country, we achieved international success and managed to make our name known all over the world. We are proud to state that we have achieved this success thanks to you, our valued customers.

You are aware that in addition to being able to offer a good product, it is very important that you do not lose your confidence after the sale. It has always been our primary goal to provide all our customers with all the support they need after sales and to increase the service quality in this direction.